Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou’s new single ‘Big Water’

big water cover1

Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou
1. Big Water
2. Your Love Is Forever (free download on Soundcloud)

Digital download

Here’s the new single from Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou ‘Big Water’. Taken from the album ‘Quality First, Last & Forever’. It’s presented with their George Harrison cover of ‘Your Love Is Forever’ which you can download for free from our Soundcloud.
HVN234 — Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou ‘Big Water’ by heavenlyrecordings

There’s a lovely feature on Amelia’s magazine’s site about the making of the Big Water video, Trevor & Hannah’s first attempt at stop frame animation. It was featured yesterday and gives a wonderful insight into the thinking and hard work that they put into their art.

The song Big Water gave us limitless scope, and we were soon both living vicariously through the miniature versions of ourselves, sailing the high seas and fishing. We brainstormed the storyboard for about a week, eventually getting down to frame by frame detail until we had a strict shooting list. It took about two weeks to design and make all the scenery, props and cast. Despite the rigorous planning we were still encountering problems regularly during the shooting. Walking on sand and crushed velvet, lighting a fire, moving water and clouds were among our many challenges. Our complete inexperience and lack of any training meant we were constantly having to invent techniques as we went along.’ To read more click here

And here is the wonderful video they made for ‘Big Water’. We had no idea what they were up to when the video hadn’t arrived, it was obviously taking a little longer than expected, once again joy, laughter and hats off to them respect upon delivery!

Did you see the cameo of our Caught By The River comrade John Andrews? Check out a non stop frame animation of Andrews of Arcadia online and in person every Thursday at Spitalfields market (plug for a pint please John!)

And this is the video for ‘Your Love is Forever’ which Trevor & Hannah recorded especially for Mojo magazines ‘George Harrison’ tribute covermount cd. You can download the track for free from the Soundcloud player.

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