James Levy and The Blood Red Rose new video and UK dates.


UNION CHAPEL on JUNE 26th (with The Pierces)

Hung To Dry, the follow up to Sneak Into My Room – playlisted at 6music and XFM — is the new single from James Levy and The Blood Red Rose.

Introducing itself with plaintive harmonica courtesy of Levy, Hung To Dry is another fitting showcase for the breath-taking vocal pairing of James Levy and Allison Pierce.

One of the more recent compositions on their critically acclaimed album Pray To Be Free, Hung To Dry took on a new dimension when Levy first performed it with his singing partner. “The new songs came alive for me when I performed them with Allison,” James says. “These songs were meant to be sung as duets. There is a beautiful, knowing quality to Allison’s voice. She understands where the songs come from.”

The video clip, directed Steve Birnbaum, presents Levy and Pierce as a modern day Bonnie And Clyde, in a mini-film noire shot on the streets of Brooklyn.

Produced by Coldplay’s Guy Berryman and akin to the kind of classic Serge Gainsbourg recorded in the ‘60s with Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin, or Lee Hazlewood’s similarly charged duets with Nancy Sinatra and Ann Margret, Pray To Be Free has garnered superlative reviews across the board.

As Berryman explains — “The songs collected on ‘James Levy & the Blood Red Rose’ document romance in all it’s guises; dark, twisted, hopeful and joyful. The sounds, drawing upon classic arrangements from the 50’s and 60’s, are melodic and lush and are hopefully a breath of fresh air in a world dominated by urban electronica.”

James and Allison make their next London appearance at the Union Chapel on June 26th on the same night as Allison’s headlining performance with her sister Catherine. Tickets available here:

They play their own headlining show at London’s Hoxton Bar and Kitchen on June 28th, tickets available at: http://www.gigsandtours.com/Tour/JAMES-LEVY-AND-THE-BLOOD-RED-ROSE

and join they the bill for Hop Farm Festival on June 29th.

Hung To Dry’ is taken from the critically acclaimed album ‘Pray To Be Free’:

“Levy’s baritone brings a velvety richness to string-drenched songs about infidelity and betrayal, while Pierce proves a distinctive foil. These are beautiful songs with a murderous heart” UNCUT****

21st century take on the wry, sexually challenged but always beautiful ‘60s/‘70s duets of Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra…they create an impossibly catchy magic…Q****

whether they sang as one, or better still, entwined their voices around the others like old slippers or young lovers , they soared” EVENING STANDARD****

the growling boy/cooing girl dynamic of Nancy & Lee, Serge and Jane has been much imitated but few have produced a more convincing blueprint.…his songs are simple and seductive helped by hints of dry bone humour.…MOJO****

James Levy and The Blood Red Rose on facebook:

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