The Soft Pack ‘The Soft Pack’

The Soft Pack by The Soft Pack

The Soft Pack
The Soft Pack

1. C’mon
2. Down On Loving
3. Answer To Yourself
4. Move Along
5. Pull Out
6. More Or Less
7. Tides Of Time
8. Flammable
9. Mexico
10. Parasites

To record their eponymous debut, The Soft Pack decamped to an apartment in New York to work with Eli Janney, once of 90s alternative rock behemoths Girls Against Boys but latterly a much in-demand producer and mixer. Having fleshed out the songs already in their native LA Matt Lamkin, Matt McLoughlin, Dave Lantzman and Brian Hill recorded their classic 30 minute debut (with the exception of album closer ‘Parasites’ which was recorded under the bands former moniker ‘The Muslims’) album in under a month.

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