Fionn Regan ‘Shadow Of An Empire’ 12″

The Shaddow of an Empire

Fionn Regan
Shadow Of An Empire

1. Coat Hook
2. Protection Racket
3. Genocide Matinee
4. Violent Demeanor
5. Catacombs
6. Little Nancy
7. Lord Help My Poor Soul
8. Lines Written In Winter
9. House Detective
10. The Shadow Of An Empire

The Shadow of an Empire was initially released on CD in February 2010 and has now, a year later, been released on vinyl. The album was picked up by Diverse Records, an independent ‘vinyl only’ record label, who have re-mastered it after being handed over the hard disk containing the original high resolution studio files.

As with his debut album ‘The End of History’, Fionn produced ‘The Shadow of an Empire’ himself.
“There were no airs or graces about it, we cut live in the room, live vocals. The piano had come off a cruise ship and we wheeled it down the road. The guy who sold it to us threw a couple of cheap Sil­ver­tone gui­tars and a cir­cus drum into the bar­gain. As far a pro­duc­tion goes I’m very much into keep­ing mis­takes, a crack in the voice, the nat­ural ebb and flow of live drums, so that there’s a sort of evid­ence of the pro­cess. I think it’s that atmo­sphere which makes me want to revisit my favour­ite albums again and again”

Listen to ‘Violent Demeanour’ taken from the album on our soundcloud…
HVNLP75CD Fionn Regan — Violent Demeanour by heavenlyrecordings

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