A reminder of our Heavenly Record Store Day releases that will be landing in participating record shops next month!

Due to the on-going measures surrounding Covid 19, Record Store Day has now been split over three dates: August 29, September 26 and October 24. You can find the 2020 releases and their new Drop Dates on the RSD website or you can download a copy of that list here.

More details about social distancing measures will be put in place by each store and be issued closer to the time and the releases will be made available online from participating record shop websites at 6pm.


These Heavenly releases will be out on August 29th, here’s what we have coming up!

We’re reissuing a long-out-of-print Heavenly classic, putting an astonishing Heavenly live show on wax, as well as brand new music from a current Heavenly artist and a reissue of an LP by a lifelong hero of ours, also for the first time on vinyl.

The first LP we are excited to share with you is from Cherry Ghost, the alias of the Ivor Novello award-winning songwriter Simon Aldred.

After releasing all three of Cherry Ghost’s albums, as well as the singular LP from Simon’s other project Out Cold, we asked Cherry Ghost to perform as part of our 25th birthday celebrations back in 2015. Now, five years later, we can all relive that special matinee performance, immortalised on wax.

Live At The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge sees Simon joined by Christian Madden and Grenville Harrop on keys and percussion for a stripped back, laid bare engagement with pure songsmith magic. Across two LPs, the trio cover much ground with classics like ‘4AM’, ‘People Help the People’, and ‘Mathematics’, as well as seldom heard B-sides and tracks from Simon’s other project Out Cold. Overall this collection makes a serious case for Aldred being massively underrated in the canon of classic songwriters.

In 1994, Terry Hall (The Specials, Fun Boy Three, etc.) released his first solo album, Home. Now, 26 years later, we present its long overdue debut on vinyl.

Home is the culmination of a long process which saw Terry Hall separate his lack of love for the job of pop star from his adoration for pop itself. The LP was recorded with Ian Broudie, with a band made up of members of The Smiths, Aztec Camera, Echo & The Bunnymen and more, and with co-writing credits from Andy Partridge (XTC) and Nick Heyward. It’s opening track and lead single ‘Forever J’ sets the tone for the rest of the album:

“Alloyed to a disarmingly beautiful chorus, this ticker-tape flurry of unguarded intimacies might just be the most perfect pop song of an era that wasn’t exactly lacking in competition”

A real pop classic.

Speaking of great pop records, it’s been 15 years since we released The Magic Numbers debut album. Looking back on it, the band’s Romeo Stodart said:

We wanted to create music that was timeless.
We wanted to create a band that you could believe in. 
We wanted to break your heart whilst lifting your spirit.
We wanted to make a classic debut album.

And that they did.

Available again for the first time since its original release in 2005, in a beautiful 2LP package, don’t miss your chance to fill this hole in your collection.

The Working Men’s Club MEGAMIX was available to stream for one week back in June, when the band were due to release their debut record. 21 minutes and 30 seconds of banging electronic dance joy, we couldn’t resist putting this on a tasty 12″.

Working Men’s Club‘s self-titled debut album was due to drop in June, for reasons obvious, it is now due in October. Looking at the blank space left by the postponement, 18 year old wonder-kid frontman Syd Minsky-Sargeant decided to utilise his free time, in lockdown, and capitalise on the creative momentum the band has garnered. The result is a 21-minute continuous ‘MEGAMIX’ that simultaneously acts as a taster and a condensed electronic reworking of parts of the album. 

Syd would like to note that:

It doesn’t feel like a particularly apt time to be self promoting anything at all however we wanted to give something to the people who pre-ordered the album on what would of the original release date.

Minsky-Sargeant teamed up with the band’s producer Ross Orton – under the moniker ‘Minsky Rock’, a recently started project under which they recently completed a Jarvis Cocker remix – and the pair worked remotely to create the unique reimagining.


For those who don’t know, Record Store Day is an annual celebration of independent record shops, a chance for musicians, labels and music fans to show some love to their local vinyl dealers. Hundreds of special, limited releases are pressed for the occasion, many of which sell out on the day, with some fans queuing through the night for first dibs.

This year seems more important than ever to show record shops some love. Do keep checking the Record Store Day website on updates and how best you can purchase these releases next month.