In June H.Hawkline releases his new album ‘I Romanticize’ and here you can hear the single ‘Engineers’ as premiered on The Line of Best Fit:

Speaking about the new track, Hawkline (aka Huw Evans) says: “Cyndi Lauper was playing on the radio, everything was in our out, I heard a journalist read a Martina Navratilova quote as the song ended: ‘The difference between involvement and commitment is like ham and eggs. The chicken is involved; the pig is committed.’ I wrote it all down in a pad, we’re all chickens, the pigs are having at it and everyone’s fallen out of love.”

With fluttering guitars and chiming vocals, “Engineers” is a pristine piece of psych that tugs at your hips and seeps into your brain. It’s gorgeously jangly and pockmarked with Hawkline’s signature quirks — it’s another enticing piece of his next chapter.