Dear friends,

It is with deep regret that we announce the cancellation of our upcoming Heavenly 30 celebrations at Hebden Bridge Trades Club.

The Trades has been such an essential part of our story, and we were so looking forward to returning to the venue to raise a glass with Mal, the Trades staff, a veritable cornucopia of Heavenly acts both present and past, and you. Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Trades Club will be temporarily closing its doors, and due to the number of coinciding schedules which made it all possible, we are unable to postpone the event with the entirety of its lineup intact.

Given the time and energy invested by fans in securing tickets, Doves, Cherry Ghost and Baxter Dury are determined to attempt to somewhat salvage the event by postponing, rather than outright cancelling, their performances. ​Currently it is impossible to say for sure when or even if these rescheduled shows will be going ahead, but​ the artists, their teams, and Mal will be doing everything in their power to make them happen at a later date. If you have tickets for any of these shows and would like to hold on to them, they will remain valid for rescheduled gigs. Similarly, weekend tickets will be valid for all shows should they be successfully rescheduled.

Refunds are available for all shows planned as part of the Heavenly 30 Weekender, and can be claimed by contacting ​​ should you so wish. If, alternatively, you can afford to forgo a refund and would like to, the cost of your ticket will go some way to helping a small and incredibly vital independent venue withstand the financial calamity of cancelling all its shows for the foreseeable future. You can also support Hebden Bridge Trades Club by making a donation​, ​becoming a member​, or ​buying some Trades Club merch​.

Best of wishes from we and ours to you and yours, and here’s hoping it’s under decidedly more celebratory circumstances that next we meet.