Julian House x UNLOVED
Artwork and design 2015 – 2022
The Social, 5 Little Portland Street, London, W1 from 21st October to 30th November
Heavenly Recordings have announced details of a new artwork exhibition at The Social.
Julian House x UNLOVED charts the visual journey undertaken by one of the country’s most
consistently creative graphic designers and a transatlantic trio of hugely cine literate
musicians over the course of three band albums – 2016’s Guilty of Love, 2019’s Heartbreak and
2022’s The Pink Album.

The exhibition will comprise of prints of artwork created by Julian House (Primal Scream,
Broadcast, Oasis) for UNLOVED (David Holmes, Jade Vincent and Keefus Ciancia). House’s
artwork has explored reference points left in UNLOVED’s music to create a whole visual world
around the band.

Talking about his work with UNLOVED, Julian House says, “UNLOVED’s music is so evocative,
it feels like it’s already giving you pictures in your head when you put a record on. Their
influences go from the Shangri-Las to classic French pop, via Morricone, Nino Rota and Delia
Derbyshire. It’s cine-literate, avant garde pop. It’s B-movies, biker gangs, trouble. It’s Bronte
inspired gothic romance novels from the ’60s, it’s Godard and it’s David Lynch. A whole load
of sources have been absorbed into the music. The visuals and the imagery on the sleeves
explore the psychology of the songs. It’s a world of. psychodrama, the same sort of place
Shangri-Las songs sprung from; the kind of subjects that ’50s rock’n’roll dealt with. Unhealthy
obsessions, unconscious desires. Things you shouldn’t be thinking.

“Since the start, the band and I have been on the same page. David (Holmes) and myself are
both record collectors, so the idea of creating a deeper visual world on UNLOVED’s sleeves
was always appealing. And I love the fact that there’s lots of surfaces to play with when
making sleeves. The ritual of taking out the inner sleeve is something that should be
rewarded. When music packaging is done properly, it’s not just the labelling on a tin of beans,
it’s an entry point into another world. It’s intrinsic to the experience. Hopefully these images
for UNLOVED have an understanding what fandom is, in making sure that everything fits
together in a completely believable way.”

Julian House x UNLOVED runs from 21st October to 30th November 2022 upstairs at The
Social, 5 Little Portland Street, W1.