Initially released last year M.Craft’s well-received ‘Blood Moon’ album re-emerges digitally this December having undergone a musical metamorphosis.

‘Blood Moon Deconstructed’ is not just a stripped back version of the original record, but a re-imagining and as its title suggests a deconstruction – one, Martin hopes is a “filmic, somewhat ambient, daydream.”

“I found myself hearing a new, different potential within the record. I knew there were interesting layers beneath the finals songs which could be mined for sound.” – M.Craft

‘Blood Moon Deconstructed’ displays widescreen cinematic backdrop and been transformed, some stripped back whilst others have advanced into completely new compositions.

Clash Magazine​ has premiered the new version of ‘Hip Meds Frolic’, “it’s a subtle, beautifully pieced together affair with a sombre sense of mood.”
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Out on Heavenly Recordings​ – 15th December 2017.


‘Blood Moon’ reached wide critical acclaim: 

“One of the most exquisite soul-searching odysseys of this or any other year.” MOJO –★★★★

“A sense of otherworldly isolation fills the gentle, piano-centric Blood Moon, as completely as it does Nick Drake’s Pink Moon… A wonderful album.” Q – ★★★★

‘Blood Moon Deconstructed’ is available with album opener ‘Hip Meds Frolic’ as an instant-grat track when your pre-order HERE


Hip Meds Frolic

Violet Dishevel

Adorn Me

Dim Thing

Great Wolf

Nonzero Wish

Mud Bloom

Circle Him, Atlas

On Whizz Senor

Shadowy Mad Men