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NEW ALBUM ANNOUNCEMENT & SINGLE: Amber Arcades ‘European Heartbreak’


Today, Amber Arcades, the moniker of the Dutch-born musician Annelotte De Graaf, announces details of her second album ‘European Heartbreak‘.

In conjunction with this exciting news Amber Arcades shares her brand new single ‘Simple Song’.

The new single is accompanied by part 2 in a trilogy of videos which aim to give a deeper understanding of the album and De Graaf’s thinking around the current European situation, Love, The Passing of Time and how the three intertwine. All feature music from ‘European Heartbreak’ and are directed by Elliot Arndt.



Annelotte said the following about “Simple Song”:

“This music video forms part 2 of a trilogy which tells a modern European (love) story, touching on various thoughts and feelings that inspired my new record. Using the medium of film to tell this story ties it to one of the central ideas of the record, which is the essential nature of storytelling in understanding our lives. For me, part 1 focused very much on a feeling of isolation, being trapped in an external surrounding which feels anxious and numb at the same time. Part 2, the music video for Simple Song, translates these feelings into the dynamics of a romantic relationship.”

‘European Heartbreak’ was recorded and co-produced in LA with Chris Cohen from Deerhoof and in Richmond, Virginia with Trey Pollard (Natalie Prass, The Waterboys, Bedouine) who oversaw horn and string overdubs from Spacebomb. The album will be released on Friday 28th September.

Annelotte said the following about the album:

“If it were called American Heartbreak, you wouldn’t bat an eye. Somehow calling it European Heartbreak feels far less comfortable, almost like a statement in itself. I’m Dutch, hence European. The focus of the record is Europe. As for Heartbreak, for me heartbreak symbolises any kind of falling apart of one of these concepts or stories we invent for ourselves, like romantic love, a sense of identity, nationality, an economic system. It’s kind of a universal thing in my mind.” 

Read more about the journey, themes, & path taken to form ‘European Heartbreak’ here.


This summer Amber Arcades will be performing live shows and appearing at a number of festivals in Europe.

Check out the live dates, tickets and all the latest news on Amber Arcades Artist page ↓