We are delighted to announce the signing of French singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist HALO MAUD, to celebrate she has released her brand-new video for ‘Baptism’ today!
On this track, Halo Maud envisioned “something like a ballet of mysterious, determined, somewhat magical women warriors living in communion with nature”.
The result is a psychedelic, hypnotic, pastoral trip directed by the Parisian collective, Deezooit (pronounced like the French “dix-huit”), who are animation, pop culture, color and music fanatics.
In this realm, “Baptism” is seen as a rite of passage: rebirth as a savage, woman of many faces. The childlike voice at the beginning matures into a woman’s voice, then multiplies into a choir for an explosive and intoxicating climax.
The Line Of Best Fit have premiered the mesmerising video:
“New Heavenly Recordings signing Halo Maud is French pop at its best” – Line Of Best Fit

If the forest and boulders among which she grew up have left a mark on her inner world, it manifests itself first through her obsession with time, which “never passes at the right speed”, and her marked inclination for the weightless melodies that guide her writing.

Halo Maud is constantly searching, for a sound, her voice, and the meaning of just about everything. That’s probably why she refuses to choose between French and English, between song structures and epic trances, between reverb-drenched vocals and intimately close breathing. She assembles and cuts up undulating guitars, percussion, and the voices of children, the elements over which she lets her voice scale vertiginous heights.

Her lyrics are also often about searching for something, and a certain idea of solitude; whether it’s a matter of self-confidence, rites of passage, or loves that have come and gone, it’s always somewhere between waiting and running away. Because of an unfortunate tendency to want everything, she’s always attempting to be both precise and vague, to reconcile convoluted harmonies and spontaneity.

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