We’ve had two decades of Baxter Dury’s louche sardonic music, twenty years – twenty years! – of late-night London snapshots, shuffling basslines, comedown disco tunes, all run through with seedy bleakness and a sweet love for humanity.

To celebrate, Baxter Dury will be releasing a 20 year Best Of called ‘Mr Maserati 2001 to 2021’ on December 3rd. Available on vinyl or CD with downloads included.

“I don’t really think I warrant a ‘best of’ album,” says Dury. He’s wrong, though, and the selection here is stellar: the oldest song, Oscar Brown, is a wistful spooky slice of pop that can somehow put you in mind of The Carpenters and Spiritualized and haunted arcade games and a rotten sadness at the heart of England; a couple of years later we’ve got Cocaine Man, with its grim-sweet singalong chorus, a signature Dury surrealist wide-boy monologue and a half-submerged hook that does sound a bit like the Bloodhound Gang; Leak At The Disco, a provincial horror story from 2011’s Happy Soup, opens with Club Tropicana birdsong and a sweet guitar pulse and ends, after a shitty Chiswick night out, with Apocalypse Now helicopters; there’s the sinister bontempi-ish serenade of Palm Trees, and the poignant, daft and tender Oi; last year’s Carla’s Got A Boyfriend is funny and sexy and sad, with some of Dury’s finest lyrics and a frankly lovely Balearic Chris Rea guitar twang. What riches we have here! Baxter Dury’s career has snuck up on us: he’s quietly built a back catalogue of absolute beauties.



‘Mr Maserati’, collates tracks from across Dury’s six albums, plus a new song, ‘D.O.A.’, which was co-written with his son Kosmo and which gives a gorgeous glimpse of what Baxter might get up to in the next decade or two.


On the track Dury adds:

“It’s a kind of provincial nod to the music I got into during lockdown because my son Kosmo was playing it – Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator and Kendrick Lamar. I became obsessed. They’re embracing everything – sexuality, politics, all of it – and I find that inspiring.”

Baxter will also be embarking on his biggest UK tour so far, in November 2021, with a headline London show at Kentish Town Forum on November 3rd.


Nov 2nd ★ Marble Factory Bristol
Nov 3rd ★ The Forum – London
Nov 4th ★ 02 The Ritz – Manchester
Nov 5th ★ Mutations Festival – Brighton

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