Anna Burch has written a beautiful Christmas song for you all.
The hopeful holiday single is Burch’s small gift of cheer in a hard year and it’s streaming on all platforms now!
I knew I wanted to write a Christmas song after the difficult year we’ve all had, because of how emotionally potent they can be. When I hear Judy Garland sing “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” I can’t help but well up with tears while still remaining hopeful. I came up with the chord progression on piano, but then I got covid. Thankfully I had a mild case, but not only was my motivation and creativity completely drained, I also couldn’t sing very well because of limited breath control. Luckily I recovered in time, and with the help and generosity of my friends and team I was able to finish this song in time to have it out just before Christmas. The song is called Your Heart May Be Heavy which I didn’t consciously realize was an inversion of Judy’s “may your heart be light.” Merry Christmas to everyone muddling through, I hope this song in its small way can be a gift of cheer.
Anna Burch