The wonderful Anna Burch has just shared a brand new single, “St. Adalbert“!

Originally released via her US label Polyvinyl on a split 7″ with Fred Thomas, “St. Adalbert” was written before she moved to Detroit to finish her debut album, Quit The Curse.

The track was premiered by Fader yesterday, 

“Burch contributes the dreamlike but shadowy “St. Adalbert,” a track she wrote and recorded a half-decade ago. In contrast to her often melodically upbeat 2018 debut LP Quit The Curse, “St. Adalbert” comes across forlorn — a song about loneliness in the middle of a crisis. “None of my friends wanna hear it / So I’ll try harder to keep it quiet,” she sings ghostlike in the first verse.”

Anna says of the song, “St. Adalbert was one of the earliest recordings that I worked on with Paul Cherry, and one of the only songs that I wrote before I moved to Detroit. Over a year passed before we got together to make the record, and I had written the 9 songs that wound up on Quit the Curse.

“It was my call not to include St. Adalbert on the record, partly because it was such an early effort and the feel was quite different from the others, but it also had an emotional weight that I didn’t feel totally comfortable with at the time. The song was unearthed when the idea of Fred and I putting out a split came up, and I connected with it in a very different way. St. Adalbert is the name of an enormous old cathedral in the Chicago neighbourhood I lived in, which I could see from my kitchen window.”