After becoming a firm favourite in pretty much everyone’s set last year – from Dixon to The Black Madonna – New Yorker, Anthony Naples has once again worked his pulsating dancefloor magic around the synth loaded outing of Yorkshire’s Working Men’s Club.

The brand new remix follows last years ‘Teeth‘ stomper which you can listen to here.

On the new mix Syd says:

“It was a real honour to have Anthony do his rework of Teeth so when it came around to looking for someone to remix White Rooms he seemed like an obvious choice again. I really like the fact that Anthony isn’t obvious with his remixing and always seems to add something that isn’t so obvious to it. In regards to the White Rooms remix I think he’s really brought it to the dance floor in a different way it’s psychedelic, hard hitting, and brilliant.” 


The band have just concluded a sold out UK tour and have a series of European shows and festivals coming up.

04 March ⦿ London ⦿ The Murder Capital/100 Club AMP Show
06 March ⦿ Paris, FR ⦿ Festival Les Inrocks
07 March ⦿ St Malo, FR ⦿ La Route du Rock
17 April ⦿ London, The Forum (w/ Confidence Man)
18 April ⦿ Rotterdam, NE ⦿ Motel Mozaique
23 April ⦿ Bourges, FR ⦿ Le Printemps De Bourges
25 April ⦿ Reze, FR ⦿ Festival l’ere De Rien
28 April ⦿ Paris, FR ⦿ La Gaîté Lyrique  (w/Baxter Dury)
29 April ⦿ Paris, FR ⦿ La Gaîté Lyrique (w/ Baxter Dury)
30 April ⦿ Paris, FR ⦿ La Gaîté Lyrique (w/ Baxter Dury)
01 May ⦿ Liverpool ⦿ Liverpool Sound City
02 May ⦿ Leeds ⦿ Live at Leeds
03 May ⦿ Newcastle ⦿ Hit the North
22 May ⦿ South Devon ⦿ Sea Change Festival
24 May ⦿ Manchester ⦿ Neighbourhood Festival
23 June ⦿ Cornwall ⦿ Eden Project (w/ Noel Gallagher)
01 August ⦿ Steventon ⦿ Truck Festival
20 August ⦿ Crickhowell ⦿ Green Man Festival
29 August ⦿ Portsmouth ⦿ Victorious Festival

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