CHAI have just released a brilliant animation to accompany their latest single ‘Curly Adventure’. You can’t get more Kawaii than this!

The band’s bassist YUUKI designed all of the characters in the video and collaborated with LA based artist/animator, Sean Solomon.
About the song the band say: “Curly Adventure is actually a song about curly hair! However, the underlying message of the song is about “how you decide to live”. Having insecurities can drown the way you live, sometimes even have you question why you were born, but it’s all about changing your mindset!  We used curly hair as a metaphor to life’s journey. In the lyrics we mention, “we won’t stop going, even if there’s no destination”, this reflects life and how it’s a never-ending journey with unexpected happenings, curves, ups, and downs, just like curly hair. Our lives now resulted from us changing our mindset, which really tells us that everything is connected to life.”

Watch ‘Curly Adventure’ Here: