“I remember when we were young, they said peoples day would surely come”

Today, David Holmes releases a new single; ‘It’s Over, If We
Run Out Of Love’ the follow-up to 2021’s ‘Hope Is The Last Thing To Die.’ Both tracks feature vocals from Raven Violet.

Building up from a fizzing rhythm track and a pulse of minimal electronic bass drones, ‘It’s Over, If We Run Out Of Love’ rapidly opens out into a shimmering chorus driven by resistance in the face of fading optimism (“I remember back when we were young/they said the people’s day would surely come”) and a guitar riff that breaks like a new day each time it arrives.

The track features magnetic vocals by Raven Violet, a regular collaborator with Holmes having recently sung on the 6 Music A-listed track ‘Hope Is The Last Thing To Die’ and ‘Strange Effect’ by his band Unloved.

The video is directed by Douglas Hart .


On the track David says,

“It’s an ode to youth culture in difficult times and remembering what things where like growing up in the 70’s and 80’s in Belfast… there was a civil war kicking off on our doorsteps but we always had our music, our clothes, our culture that kept us sane.”

On the video Douglas adds,

“Lyrically the song demanded images of tenderness, togetherness and strength. I think all those attributes are to be found in the images we used, images from the most dynamic working class youth movements of the 20th century. In terms of the musicality of the song, I felt that all the textures, rhythms and sounds should be underscored by the use of effects that felt organic, and alive. So all the effects were controlled and manipulated live by using faders and control knobs, rather than bythe click of a mouse or a trackpad. Very a much a method that parallels how a music producer would make a dub version of a song.”


Holmes is currently in the studio with Unloved, who will return with an album of new material and further collaborations with Raven in 2022. No doubt some of these compositions will make their way into the fourth season of Killing Eve, the Emmy-winning cat & mouse spy series on which Holmes serves as a composer and music supervisor.

Belfast-born Holmes boasts a formidable CV, with five solo albums and twenty-five soundtracks to his name. His screen work ranges from Steven Soderbergh’s classic Ocean’s Eleven trilogy and Steve McQueen’s critically acclaimed Hunger, to stylish TV drams including London Spy and The Fall. Holmes formed Unloved with fellow soundtrack artist Keefus Ciancia (True Detective) and singer Jade Vincent in the mid-2010s. They have released two LPs – 2016’s Guilty Of Love and 2019’s Heartbreak, both of which form the majority of the soundtracks for Killing Eve.

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