Chances are, if you’ve been to any festival over the summer, you’ve been drenched in sweat bouncing around to Working Men’s Club. Today they share their remix from Factory Floor’s Gabe Gurnsey, as featured on the physical 12″ available to purchase alongside an extended mix and instrumental of the single here, and, in all good record shops!

With a summer of causing absolute havoc at pretty much every festival this year with their new fan favourite ‘Teeth’, it comes as no surprise that Factory Floor’s Gabe Gurnsey chomped at the chance to bite his acid baseline and industrial techno nashers into their new cut. Here are some words he shared on his new remix:

“There’s such an amazing spirit to the original ‘Teeth’ that I wanted to keep and 100% needed to keep in my mix. Their energy and feistiness are the best elements you can have when you’re remixing. Grinding synths, tripped out vocals and guitars, 505 drum machines…what more could you want.”


Praise for ‘Teeth’:

“The Hebden Bridge trio’s debut single ‘Bad Blood’ appears to have been no fluke: the forthcoming Teeth is darkly menacing disco, with bracing guitar squall on top.”

– Alexis Petridis / Guardian Music –

“A robotic drum loop broken up by jagged guitars, distant synth and echoing vocals gives the song an urgent, harried energy. Lyrically preoccupied by the passing of time and subconscious despair, the track sounds like insanity pouring out of an old television set

– Paste Magazine –

“This group of kids is the real thing. Watch this space.”

– Les In Rocks –


 The last 12 months has seen the 4-piece buckle up for a meteoric rise that’s been one hell of a ride – touring with Fat White Family, signing to Heavenly, turning TGE into a total sweat box, and getting hammered to death by 6Music: “We do this because we love it.” says enigmatic singer Syd Sargent-Minsky. “But it’s not about us, we’re just faces. Working Men’s Club is about the music, the vibe, and that feeling, forcing you to move. Anyone can join.”

The band are currently out on tour with Bodega and headlining a tour of their own later in the year, including a residency at Manchester venue YES.

Check all the dates and find out more about Working Men’s Club on their artist page below ↓