Local Psycho and the Hurdy Gurdy Orchestra released The Hurdy Gurdy Song on May 1st, 2023.

Welcome to the New Stone Age!

The Gurdy Stone is here . . .

To mark the 50,000 year return of the Green Comet (and the release of Local Psycho’s The Hurdy Gurdy Song on Heavenly Recordings) Jem Finer and Jimmy Cauty have stood a two and a half ton stone in a field in Sussex. The music was encoded within its atomic structure on Saturday 29th April 2023.


The Hurdy Gurdy Song is a deep drone heard through time.
It is a masterpiece of psycho-cosmology that fuses the ancient music of the British Isles with the frenetic sound of the present.
It is the sound of euphoria and melancholia, locked together in constant battle that neither wants to win.
It is an elemental sound, like a sped up version of this country’s weather.
It is an anthem of disruption, of playful provocation and sonic sedition.
It is relentless and restless, like all good music should be.
It sings down through all eternity, the crying of humanity.
It channels the two greatest forms of folk music this country has produced: that of the peasant’s lyre and drum’n’bass.

Local Psycho and the Hurdy Gurdy Orchestra are Jem Finer and Jimmy Cauty. There will be more activity in the coming months, including more good vibrations and rock music.

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