Today, Australian multi-instrumentalist four-piece Mildlife share the second single off their forthcoming second album ‘Automatic‘. Titled ‘Vapour’ it’s another banger for all the cosmic dancers out there!

Conjuring memories of pre-isolation, carefree dance floors, ‘Vapour’ boasts a spine tingling flute solo and continues down the cosmic, groove laden path as witnessed with recent single ‘Rare Air’.

In the words of the band;

“Vapour is a dance mantra with enough weight to blow the cobwebs off your tired mind and snap you out of your endless feed scrolling rituals”


Alongside the new track Mildlife have also shared their brilliant ‘Live at Colour’ performance they streamed from a Melbourne club last month. During it’s forty six minutes the listener is transported into Mildlife’s world of their mind melting musical arrangements.


The vinyl issue of ‘Automatic’ will have a special locked groove feature; unique to the format and the intended way of listening to the album. The function of which is for the stylus to fall into a locked groove at the end of the closing track (rather than ending the record) so it will continue to play on an infinite loop without intervention allowing the listener to decide when the album experience is meant to finish.

‘Automatic’ is released on September 18th.


With Automatic, the band have made a step-change from their debut. It’s more disciplined, directional and arguably more danceable. As on Phase, they are unafraid to let a track luxuriate in length without ever succumbing to self-indulgence. “The recorded songs kind of become the new reference point for playing the songs live,’ says vocalist Kevin McDowell. “They both have different outcomes and we make our decisions for each based on that, but they’re symbiotic and they both influence each other. It’s usually a fairly natural flow from live to recorded back to live.”

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