audiobooks have just shared a brand new track ‘Black Lipstick’, taken from their forthcoming album ‘Astro Tough’.

Two brilliant remixes of ‘LaLaLa It’s The Good Life’ by Joe Goddard and Matthew Herbert have also been released.

On both Joe Goddard and Matthew Herbert’s remixes of ‘LaLaLa It’s The Good Life’, Evangeline’s vocals operate as a psychedelic palette of primary colour. Goddard’s lively deep house excursion glides glacially along, with skipping delays and new beat undertones. Herbert’s rhythm provides a perfect platform for some serious fun with the vocals, cutting them up to within an inch of expiration, creating insistent hooks out of the unlikeliest of candidates.

‘Black Lipstick’ is six minutes of dense, dark techno, featuring Evangeline’s voice as an instrument. The most club-orientated track on the album, it relentlessly thunders toward a massive drop, and illustrates the restless excitement of a night out approaching daybreak.‘Black Lipstick’ is accompanied by new time-lapsed video of Evangeline, a Goldsmith-educated artist, painting one of the eleven oil-on-canvas artworks accompanying “Astro Tough.” The paintings were made while she and David recorded the album and were subsequently paired with corresponding songs. Evangeline often portrays people close to her in her practice, including abstract portraits of friends and family; they are an expression of her feelings and the events of her life. Like audiobooks’ music, Evangeline’s paintings evoke a chaotic and satisfying range of feelings, managing to be simultaneously joyful and vulnerable, and fantastically bizarre.

Watch ‘Black Lipstick’ Here: