“Every motherfucker wants a bad ass bitch/Everybody got a fucking mixtape out”

A crunchy, lolloping beat and a superfuzz bassline heralds the welcome return of Revival Season, who are back to fuck your whole town up once again with their latest track ‘Everybody’.

Talking about the track Bez said:
“This is a lively and catchy tune that’s unapologetically playful.”



The brainchild of Atlanta based producer/polymath Jonah Swilley (a founding member of Mattiel and also known for his production work with Moonwalks and Night Beats ) and Columbus, GA rapper Brandon ‘Bez’ Evans, Revival Season take the languid style of the Daisy Age and bring it into our paranoid and panicked present day.

Revival Season released their debut single, ‘Iron Warrior’ e summer of 2021 and most recently shared their Outernational mixtape – a 28-minute piece of dub-infused fusion of riffs, rhymes and beats, equal parts King Tubby Prince Paul assembled by Raf Rundell (O.M. Days, The 2 Bears) – to coincide with this year’s SXSW Festival and new track, ‘Chop’ around their short run of U.K. dates in May. Revival Season will return to the U.K. in 2024 for further dates.