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NEW MUSIC & VIDEO: Hatchie ‘Sleep’


With Hatchie’s debut UK shows just days away, the Brisbane singer-songwriter shares ‘Sleep’ the fourth track from her debut ‘Sugar & Spice’ EP.

‘Sleep’ follows the previously released singles, ‘Sugar & Spice’, ‘Try’ & ‘Sure’.

 “Sleep is about feeling frustrated with someone who can’t communicate their feelings,” she explains. “In this song I’m trying to coax someone into talking to me by any means necessary, even if it means visiting me in dreams.” 

Harriette adds about the dreamy accompanying video:

“We decided to play on the idea that I’m trying to get someone to communicate with me in their sleep. We made a bunch of dreamy sets to focus on, like I’m talking to them in their dreams. At some points I’m really serious, at other points I’m almost teasing them because I’m so over trying to get them to talk.”


The ‘Sugar & Spice’ EP will be released digitally on Friday 25th May.


Praise for the single ‘Sugar & Spice.’

“Sugar And Spice” may not be everything nice, but it’s sure a heck of a lot of it. Basically a perfect radio-friendly indie-pop song — if radio stations were still playing perfect indie-pop songs like this — it matches its spangly guitar shimmer with vocal harmonies that sound almost like the late Dolores O’Riordan at her sweetest.”

– Stereogum –

 “Given how trauma-centric a lot of indie rock is right now, this Brisbane songwriter’s breezy, shoegazy love song is as welcome as a rush of dolly mixtures to the head.”

– The Guardian –

She revels in a billowy backdrop of fuzzed-out guitar, her self-assuredness bolstered by peppy backing vocals. Pilbeam writes from the bottom of a valley with the optimism of someone who can see the path out of it.”

– Pitchfork –

 Hatchie is coming over to the UK very soon to celebrate the EP release. She is playing a run of new music festivals, London dates & regional shows support label mate Anna Burch.

Check out dates, tickets and all the latest news on Hatchie over at her Artist page ↓