Following their energetic single ‘You Work All Day And Then You Die’, The Parrots share ‘Lo Dejaría Todo’ a brand new track from their next record ‘Dos‘. The track expands their musical palette with its saxophone solo and marimba heavy intro.

Accompanying the track is a stunning video directed by Martin Rietti and featuring Goya Award winning actress Macarena Garcia.


On the video, producer Martin Rietti says:

“Gone with the wind, Fight club, The dreamers, Bande a Parte… this will not be the first or the last story about a love triangle but maybe its the first or last where house movers get mixed up on it… thank you Parrots for letting me add visuals to your beautiful song and thank you Maca Garcia for your incredible performance.

The band add about the track:

Lo Dejaría Todo is a song about longing, when all of a sudden you feel a part of you is missing and you would give anything to change things. But this life is based in choices so you have to learn and be aware that your past self isn’t the same person you are currently.

The new album ‘Dos’ is the follow up to the Madrid duo’s acclaimed 2016 debut ‘Los Niños Sin Miedo’ and shows the band taking an evolutionary step that finds them sounding stronger and more realized than ever before, from their original characteristics of stripped-down melodic garage rock to a fresh sonic perspective. Produced by Tom Furse (The Horrors) and mixed by Claudius Mittendorfer (Parquet Courts, Weezer, Panic! At The Disco, Temples), the Parrots find themselves experimenting with more modern production soundscapes and electronic grooves.

❂ Released on October 29th ❂ PRE-ORDER ‘DOS’ HERE ❂ ALBUM TRACK-LIST

The Parrots talk about the new record by saying:

“Most of the album was recorded in Wilton Way Studios in Hackney in periods between summer 2019 and the start of 2020. Because of lockdown, it ended up getting finished in Madrid with Harto Rodriguez. Recording at home was really nice because it meant we could call on some of our very talented friends to join us in the studio. Most of the record was written before the lockdown but that unexpected pause in all of our lives made us rethink some of it and finish bits off in a different way. Also, when we knew we couldn’t go back to London to finish it, we decided to invite a lot of our friends back home to the studio. That made recording feel almost like a celebration. Everyone we knew was fine; even with the global pause we could still find the bright spots and stay together.”

“Even though garage rock is kind of the core of all our influences, in the last few years we’ve been listening to lots of stuff that we’d kind of relegated to a second position. We rediscovered a lot of artists that we listened back when we first fell in love with music – bands like LCD Soundsystem and Gang of Four, lots of mutant disco. Tom really helped us there, he made sense out of the chaotic mashup of influences that we brought into the studio. And because we’ve always loved hip hop, we followed a different approach to putting songs together, using samples and sampling ourselves a lot. Beastie Boys, ESG, Devo, Los Zombies (the Spanish band) were all a very big influence on the tone of the record. Also the Spanish music scene has been changing a lot in the last years and listening to a lot of new Spanish artists has helped us break down some walls and made us create music in a more free way.”


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