It’s with a huge grin on our face, that we can announce the return of The Parrots with a belter of a new single: Maldito, featuring multi-million selling Spanish urban superstar, C. Tangana.

The video is equally as thrilling, in it, we see a lonely old man being courted by a preacher (God), a demon (the Devil), and a homeless person (Death) as he makes his way through the streets of Madrid…


The video for Maldito was made by Rogelio for the visionary production company CANADA, which as been at the helm of visuals for acts like Rosalia, Tame Impala, and Dua Lipa, among many others. “We think the video for Maldito is more akin to a movie than to a music video,” The Parrots say. “Filming it was an amazing experience and made us discover a love for acting.” The result is a visually-arresting, allegorical journey that effectively emanates the themes of the song all the while effortlessly interjecting a sly sense of humour.


With its stomping, bass-driven groove, Maldito bridges their characteristic stripped-down melodic garage rock with a fresh sonic perspective. Produced by Tom Furse (The Horrors) and mixed by Claudius Mittendorfer (Parquet Courts, Weezer, Temples), the Parrots find themselves experimenting with more modern production soundscapes and autotuned hooks, all the while offering up bittersweet lyrics about the internal nuance of letting someone go. 

“There is a burden carried with every decision taken, not everything is as golden as it may look and therefore growing and changing implies pain and a feeling of emptiness that feels irreplaceable.” The band say of the track. “For this song our inspiration came from things that were the closest to us, and that’s maybe the reason we were incapable to see them. The stop in the touring life and the time we’ve had to write has made us realize the distance we had created between our home and our people. Realizing this has made us feel closer than ever to our childhood references and to seek new ways to compose songs.” 

Working with someone as musically different than themselves as C. Tangana may seem unexpected, but the partnership yielded nothing less than inspired results in the punchy, resonant Maldito. “For a long time, we had the idea of writing a song with C. Tangana. We played him some demos and he loved them, so we spent some days in the studio to record the song.”


Maldito is the first song off their forthcoming second LP, details of which are forthcoming. For this new phase, The Parrots have gained a bolstered sense of confidence in their creative processes and take pride in surrounding themselves with people who inspire them. “[It] makes us feel very proud of ourselves. If anyone had told us that we could ever make our dream album exactly the way we wanted, we wouldn’t have believed it. It reflects all of our inner feelings and our influences, and we made it by keeping our circles of collaborators small with people we love and trust. This is what works for us.”

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