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NEW REMIXES: Confidence Man ‘Out The Window’ – Andrew Weatherall / Greg & Che Wilson


Today Confidence Man share some tasty new remixes with the world. Weatherall & Wilson put their stamp on ‘Out The Window’, a track taken from their debut record, ‘Confident Music For Confident People’.

Talking about the remixes, which come courtesy of Andrew Weatherall (who delivers a euphoric chugger) and Greg & Che Wilson (who bring forth the funk), Reggie (the enigmatic lurking presence of Confidence Man) said:

“We knew Andrew wouldn’t be able to resist once he heard our home made chorale. It’s always nice when one of your heroes gets their hands on your work, especially for the second time. Certified banger.”

Adding the following about the Greg & Che Wilson remix:

“We’ve always been upset that we missed our chance to party at the Hacienda. At least we can have the satisfaction of one of the Hacienda greats adding a hefty dose of anthemic vibe to our latest track. Now we just put it on, close our eyes and pretend we’re back there on that sweaty dance floor.”



The band are returning to play their last show of 2018 at Scala on August 8th. Don’t miss out.


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