Following the release of Eyes of Others debut album in May, a 4-track remix EP is released today featuring remixes by Decius, Ana Helder, The Orielles and Fantastic Man.

The tracklisting of the EP is as follows:

New Hair New Me – Ana Helder Remix

Safehouse – Decius Remix

Once Twice Thrice – The Orielles Remix

Big Companies, Large Tentacles – Fantastic Man Remix


‘New Hair New Me’ is led onto a Berlin dance floor by Argentinian producer Ana Helder on a constantly mutating electronic gem, which evolves from a sneaky bass driven stomp to a gorgeous Moroder-does-Blade Runner dreamscape techno coda and The Orielles’ remix of ‘Once Twice Thrice’ deconstructs the drums, chopping and screwing them into an excellent echoey electronic dub, sending in serrated sections of the original, speeding up and stuttering the vocals. Melbourne producer Fantastic Man takes ‘Big Companies, Large Tentacles’ deep down into a techno rabbit hole for six and a half minutes of perfect dancefloor hypnosis while Decius serve up a tribal take of ‘Safehouse.’

The Orielles said of their remix:

“We had so much fun with this remix, there were so many intricate elements to play with and we wanted to celebrate the danceability of the record, keeping the catchy vocal hook as the main anchor. The single reminded us of ‘baggy’ dance music, so we channelled groups like Massive Attack, Everything But The Girl and Saint Etienne into the remix.”


Praise for ‘Eyes of Others’ debut • Available to purchase here •

“Edinburgh human jukebox John Bryden’s debut spins through baggy psych-pop, dub distortion and retro-techno, fusing Weatherall or Sherwood moves with self-deprecating moods” – ★★★★ MOJO –

“Indeed, Eyes of Others is an audacious debut venture packed with exciting twists and turns and an engaging style blend. For those who collect vinyl and want a record to play through in a sustained mood without skipping tracks, fear not; the album carries a relatively consistent tone.” – ★★★★ Far Out Magazine –

“The spirit of Ivor Cutler hovers over this album in it’s playfulness and deadpan humour, but that doesn’t account for it’s abundance of brilliant musical moments. Opening track ‘Once, Twice, Thrice’ blooms into life with an outstanding slo-mo synth hook that you’ll be singing for weeks after; ‘New Hair New Me’ is a perversely uplifting anthem about repressing joy – full of ukuleles, hand-claps and synth brass melodies, ‘Jargon Jones & Jones’ comfortably sits in a sleazy digdub groove as Bryden complains about too old to go out anymore.” – ★★★★ The Skinny –

“This self-titled album is as good an introduction as any to his charming, hand-stitched electronica – from dub lullaby Jargon Jones and Jones via the droll prowl of At Home I’m A Leader to the Callum Easter-like lo-fi finger-clicking sway of New Hair New Me.” – ★★★★ The Scotsman –

There’s some first-rate songwriting on show – the tippy-tappy drum machine and drifty vocal of ‘New Hair New Me’ feels like Silver Apples’ Simeon Coxe as his most breezy. ‘Ego Hit’ likewise, but with a lick of Moroder maybe, or perhaps it’s ‘Technique’ rubbing off. Talking of which… the excellent ‘Mother Father’, with its twangy guitar, slo-mo drums and synth washes is like New Order at their most mellow. – Juno Daily –

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