Last month, audiobooks shared their brand new single ‘The Doll.’ The first to be taken from their brand new record ‘Astro Tough.’

Today the duo share reworks of the track from multi-genre producer LCY and Bruise, a new collaboration from Christian Campbell (aka Sona Vabos) & Darren House (aka Diesel (X-Press 2).


When it comes to remixes, DJ legend Bill Brewster knows the score:

LCY’s remix of audiobooks’The Doll’ is one-part canticle to two-parts drum. Her drum programming is vociferous, yet chimes perfectly with Evangeline Ling’s diffident delivery, “wet from the rain in Coventry.” Never has Coventry sounded so inviting.

Heavenly obviously could not resist the temptation of returning to the scene of the crime after Bruise turned in such a brilliant remix of Raf Rundell’s Terri Walker collaboration. And Bruise come up with the goods yet again, with loose-limbed Masters At Work-style drums, anchoring grandiose string pads, while Evangeline’s “so hard to let go” riding as smooth as an electric scooter on top.

Some advice: don’t ignore audiobooks’ original mix of ‘The Doll’. With its deep house veneer, wrapped in some tastefully rocket-fuelled chords, ‘The Doll’ delivers a huge punch to the solar plexus. Considering the deadpan delivery of most of the lyric, somewhere between Ivor Cutler and the Lizards’ Deborah Strickland Evans, it’s insanely hooky, mimicking the feeling one might get after consuming 2lbs of Haribo.

On Astro Tough audiobooks are completely sincere. They’re also completely joyous, wild, angry, powerful, hilarious, vicious, vulnerable and intense, and most of all completely brilliant. It’s the sound of David Wrench and Evangeline Ling reaching new peaks of creativity, more confident than ever before in their abilities to forge something focussed, singular and unique out of the explosive combination of their talents.



Live dates for audiobooks coming soon, follow their artist page ↓