Jono Ma and cosmic troubadors Psychemagik have remixed Mildlife‘s ‘Automatic’, the title track of their latest album.

Psychemagik take ‘Automatic’ in a completely different direction, bringing in elements of industrial and trip hop, a veritable studio barney between Tricky and Ministry (possibly in a studio in Portishead), while the dub throws caution to the wind coming on like some bastard offspring of David Fincher’s Se7en: the heart’s filthy lesson, indeed. Jono Ma, both as part of Jagwar Ma, and in his other endeavours (2018’s ‘Springfield’ by Dreems and Ma) knows his way around sufficient electronic trickery to deliver a beautifully mind warping journey in his remix, assisted in his quest by some subtle 303 tweaking and a loping rhythm driving the track.

Listen to ‘Automatic Remixes’:

To accompany the remix package, Mildlife also offer stunning visuals for ‘Automatic’. Made with Hayden Sommerville, a longtime collaborator of the band, who previously directed the ‘How Long Does It Take’ and ‘Rare Air’ videos. Providing a visual through-line, the omnipotent sculpture featured in the video was designed by bassist Tom Shanahan and his mother, Joanne and echoes the shapes on the album cover. It was purpose built by the band under the watchful eye of Craig Shanahan, Mildlife contributing percussionist and furniture and joinery designer at his Heidelberg West Mood Workshop.Watch ‘Automatic’ here: