‘Taking Flight’

A 20minute video by Halo Maud, available to watch online as part of Coquetel Molotov festival.

‘Taking Flight’ is an intimate and dreamlike journey through memories and tours, live performances and hypnotic dances, filmed between November 2018 and April 2021. From the van Maud observes landscapes and the sky, passing between various scenes throughout Europe, Brazil, Canada and the US, a dance-floor in Switzerland, a museum in Paris and many other places.


Maud say’s of the film:

In 2016 I had the chance to play the great Coquetel Molotov festival in Recife with Moodoid. Amazing place, line-up and audience! That same day I met Greg Saucier Of Deerhoof who became a dreams-come-true music partner.

Anyway, time flies and Coquetel Molotov recently asked me to make a 20 min video and I said yes. It is called ‘Taking Flight’ and is now available on their website. If I had to describe it I would simply say that it is a trip through touring archives and live sessions that we recently shot in Paris. I hope you’ll be virtually travelling a bit as well

Halo Maud is currently writing and recording the follow up to her 2018 record ‘Je Suis Une Île.’