We are pleased to announce that we have signed North-East London singer, songwriter and producer Fran Lobo.

Today, Fran releases her debut Heavenly single ‘All I Want’ alongside a fantastic video self-directed and style.

‘All I Want’ showcases Fran’s honeyed vocals, looping over strange and stunning experimental pop. Fran explains:

“It’s a dystopian trip through the inner psyche. It’s a battle and a struggle. A lament and a prayer for a better inner and outer world. We venture through a twisted and dark terrain until we summon the holy choir who hear our call, tempting us into a deranged party where we live our sensual desires and play out our sadistic fantasies until we implode!”


As theatrical as Shakespeare, hypnotic as ballet, and as distorted as the club, Fran adds:

“I wanted this video to take us on a surreal journey into the inner psyche of a woman. It is inspired by the Coen Brothers interpretation of the ‘Three Witches’, Royal Shakespeare Company, 90s R&B music videos and 90s films, 80s fantasy films and arthouse cinema particularly directors Lynch, Michel Gondry, Chris Cunningham, Dario Argento, Ingmar Bergman and the Giallo film genre.”


Of Goan and Maharashtrian descent, Fran spent a lot of her childhood absorbing the sounds around her: her mum’spop, Bollywood and R&B obsessions, her dad’s love of rock and country, her brother’s metal and nu-metal, alongside her own adoration for Spice Girls and TV shows like Girls Aloud-spawning Popstars: The Rivals. The result is that Fran’s own work is collagist and kaleidoscopic in nature, often taking unexpected twists into unfamiliar places, with songs sometimes imploding in on themselves.

Fran put out her debut EP, Beautiful Blood, back in 2015, to acclaim from the likes of Radio 1, Stereogum and NME. Her later releases, most notably the breathy, enticing beauty of 2020’s Brave EP, found fans in the Guardian, Dazed and the Fader. As a keen collaborator, she is part of Deep Throat Choir and has collaborated with Lucinda Chua, Tone, Laura Groves and UNKLE. Watch this space for more.

Fran will be headlining London’s Servant Jazz Quarters on Monday 20th February. Support for the evening is from the talented Aga Ujma.


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