Here at Heavenly Recordings we are proud to announce that notorious Irish rap trio Kneecap have signed to the label.

Kneecap – a frighteningly articulate rap group from Belfast – seamlessly merge Irish with English, satire with socially conscious lyrics, and reality with absurdity. Theirs is a voice which comes screaming from the too-often deprived areas of the North of Ireland, speaking in a language which is too-often ignored. It makes for a suitably electrifying and unique blend of “explosive delivery, graphic humour and unrelenting charm (that’s) reminiscent of early Eminem” (LA Times).

Kneecap are Mo Chara, Móglaí Bap, and DJ Próvaí. Their first release – 2017’s C.E.A.R.T.A – was banned from Irish radio station RTÉ due to ‘drug references and cursing’. The ban in no way influenced the band’s future output. 

“We’re absolutely delighted to have signed to Heavenly. We met a load of labels over recent months but wanted to work with good people, people who understood what Kneecap is all about, what we stand for, and who share our belief that we can bring our music around the world! Signed to such a historic label, and with a brand new album and movie coming in 2024 we are f*cking buzzing!”
– Kneecap September 2023 –

“Over the last two months we’ve witnessed them play a first on main stage festival slot to 15 people, headline a hometown show in Belfast to a sea of 10,000, and last night perform in a packed-out sweaty basement at The Social in London to 150 friends and family — who needed no persuading to turn out in force. Their name already hot on tongues both sides of the Irish Sea and beyond, Kneecap fill what was once a gaping Irish language rap-shaped void in our roster, and we can’t wait to share their spark with the world.”

– Believe In Magic – Believe In Kneecap –