“Frank and gratifying all the same, Burch’s tightly structured pop is an invigorating take on an evergreen sound.” – Pitchfork

We are delighted announce the signing of Detroit songwriter, Anna Burch, who’s also shared her new single, “2 Cool 2 Care”. Soft and breezy on a backdrop of reverb-tinged guitars and sweet vocal harmonies, the song may nod to the sounds of 60s girl groups and reference pop classic “Crimson and Clover”, but the lyrics bite: “You scare me with your indifference/I like you best when you’re a mess,”.

Pitchfork describe Burch’s songs as having “the lo-fi finish and scrappy energy of 1990s indie-pop, recalling Rose Melberg (of Tiger Trap and the Softies), but with a sharper edge. Her writing, however, is uniquely vivid, painting the vagaries of relationships with a bracing clarity.”

The accompanying “2 Cool 2 Care” music video, directed by Burch, shows her following a one-sided, unrequited love. She tells Stereogum, “I have a tendency to overanalyze my relationships. When I started writing songs, they became a productive outlet for these near obsessive thoughts. I let the bridge of this song be a space for that kind of dissection and it wound up taking up almost exactly half of its entire length.” Watch it below…

Anna Burch – 2 Cool 2 Care