Next month Amber Arcades release the new EP titled ‘Cannonball.’ The EP follows last years ‘Fading Lines’ and features the track ‘It Changes’ and the re-working of the classic Nick Drake track ‘Which Will.’

Now, Amber Arcades release a new single ‘Wouldn’t Even Know’ featuring special guest vocals from Bill Ryder-Jones, DIY Magazine have the premiere:

With a short string of dates in the Netherlands about to kick off though, she’s treated us to another doozy from the collection and this time, she’s brought along a special guest. For ‘Wouldn’t Even Know’, she’s enlisted the help of Bill Ryder-Jones, who provides additional vocals on the new track.

Annelotte said of the track in a statement: “This may be the song I’m most proud of so far… It’s been a long time in the making, starting out with the chorus which I initially thought was gonna be for a funky kind of jam. Then after a long time fermenting in my brain I pieced it together with this slow Yo La Tengo kinda verse that’d been popping up in my thoughts”.

She continued: “The result is this tune which makes me feel melancholic but uplifted at the same time. Also super into Bill’s vocals on it. His dark broody voice really ties it all together”.

Bill added the following: “I was already a fan of Amber Arcades when I was asked to put a vocal on this. I’m quite jealous of Annelotte’s ability to find the right words to fit her melodies, it’s a rare thing these days. The song is beautiful”.