💋 Women all over the world, rejoice! Confidence Man’s TILT opening track is especially for you! 💋

Today Confidence Man share new song, Woman, a smooth house jam partnered by a one-shot party scene clip directed by Joe Agius (Hatchie, The Creases, Rinse) dropping on International Women’s Day.

Setting the tone for the album, Janet opens Woman with with a powerful spoken word manifesto:

“I’m a woman of many words, but words do not define me.
This is my house that I built with my own two hands and if I so desire, I will burn it down.
So don’t call me the spark.
I’m the fire and the flame. Ok?”



Written and self-produced by the band and mixed by Ewan Pearson (Metronomy, Jagwar Ma, Pet Shop Boys, Jessie Ware), Woman follows gunslinging banger Feels Like A Different Thing and rave throwback Holiday (alongside the subsequent Holiday Remixes)


Like 2018’s Confident Music for Confident People, the Melbourne foursome’s second album TILT was always going to be self-penned and produced — if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it — but also called for a fresh approach; a reangling of perspective. Partially inspired by time spent hanging out in the studio with certified Con Man fans Gregg Alexander [of New Radicals], Simon Carmody and U2 producer Andy Barlow, TILT is built on a newfound philosophy: Think less, do more. “Gregg would suddenly lay down verse, chorus, the whole song, and it was all off the top of his head” explains Janet. “We realised: we’ve been thinking about things too much, we just need to go off the cuff.”

This drive towards the impromptu, combined with the band’s unerring commitment to the party lifestyle, culminated in a decidedly Confidence Man approach to writing an album; “Drinking and singing around a crappy microphone with bluetooth speakers at 5 o’clock in the morning”, squabbling over the mic to try their improvisations on for size. Janet laughs: “A lot of those songs turned out to be really good, and they shouldn’t have, probably”. Mix engineer Ewan Pearson [Jagwar Ma, Pet Shop Boys, Jessie Ware, and Confident Music…] concurred: when first single ‘Holiday’ slipped out of the collective conscious and straight into his inbox, he was hooked, and immediately blocked out a week of studio time to give it his full and undivided attention.

A distinctly no-frills home recording setup — combined with a readily imbibed, heady mix of Grace Jones, Madonna, The Chemical Brothers, Deee-lite, 90s runway music and archive footage of raves — resulted in a sleeker, sexier new era of Confidence Man. TILT simultaneously thrums with the electric energies of the club, the NYC ballroom and the warehouse; uniting dancefloors across time and space. It is the sound of the band testing, stretching and moulding; defining and redefining their parameters, “Wanting to push the boundaries of what Con Man could sound like” as Sugar puts it, “To take it to another dimension.”


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