Today audiobooks share the video for their  debut single, ‘Gothenburg’ and with this they announce their first headline performance at the Sebright Arms in London on June 19th.

“We went to beautiful Gothenburg to film this video,” the band say of the self-directed clip. “It has special light there, and everything tastes delicious because the air is so pure and salty. We both hate being on ships but had accidentally booked hotel rooms on an actual ship.”

The Video was premiered on Clash Magazine alongside a brilliant interview with the duo.

“Working fast and largely improvising, for a long time it wasn’t clear to either of them whether what they were doing was indeed a thing. They bonded over the unusual method of both playing on the same synth simultaneously, hunched together forging something quite unlike anything either had previously been involved with.” Clash Magazine

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A new project from David Wrench and Evangeline Ling, audiobooks released their debut EP last month. “The Gothenburg EP brings together some of the different elements that make up what audiobooks is,” the pair explain. “Taking 4 tracks from the already large body of work we have recorded over the last year.”

Of those four songs is the EP’s title track, ‘Gothenburg’, which was praised by the Observer for its “ghostly vocals and glitchy industrial beats,” and was also selected as one of Pitchfork’s best new tracks. “’Gothenburg’ captures the energy and excitement at the outset of a creative friendship,” David and Evangeline say.


“It’s become a different thing live, we wanted to keep the essence of what it was all about. We don’t know what’s going to happen. Keep the risk live and when it works it will be amazing.” David Wrench

Catch them live and see for yourself ⬇ more dates on the artist page