Katy J Pearson, who recently released her much-acclaimed second album, Sound of the Morning, has today shared the video for Howl the latest track to be taken from the record which made the #1 spot on indie chart.

This follows previous tracks, the 6Music A-listed Talk Over Town and Alligator plus Game Of Cards and Float.

The video, featuring Orlando Weeks who appears on the track, was directed by the Clump Collective, who said:

Having previously worked on the shoots for Miracle and Alligator, we know how fun Katy is to work with, so we felt really comfortable in exploring quirky ideas for Howl. With the resurgence of cheesy 80’s horror, we thought it would be hilarious to plunge her into that world, especially as it feels a real juxtaposition to her music.

Our team of 5 works collaboratively in direction and production, with each of us heading off different areas of the art department relevant to each video. Gathering references for Howl was a joy – and we settled on a cross between Scooby Doo and Friday the 13th. We wanted the video to be equal parts silly and gross, with Katy proving herself as a force that can’t be stopped.


Katy said of ‘Howl’:

Howl was written 5 or 6 years ago, when my brother and I were in our previous project. I started playing the keyboard line and then myself, Rob and Josh Day-Jones (our friend, also in the project) wrote it in a day and produced it on logic. We sent it to our management and label at the time but they thought it wasn’t good enough and too ‘indie’. It had been hanging about for years, and when we started thinking about the next record it resurfaced. Heavenly (Recordings, my current label) encouraged me to work on it and I’m really glad they did as it was such a fun song to arrange and record. My friends Freddy Wordsworth (caroline) and Campbell Baum (Sorry) came to the studio to lay down saxophone and trumpet on it + my good friend Orlando Weeks sang backing vocals, which was really special as I’ve been a fan of his for so many years. The song is about when you love someone, and how the emotions towards that person can feel quite primal, like a wolf howling.


Praise for ‘Sound Of The Morning’

“Taking many twists and turns, Pearson shows that despite her distinctive style, she is not to be pigeon-holed. From the gorgeous lilt of ‘Float’ to the smooth, climbing bass riff of ‘Alligator’ and utterly danceable ‘Game of Cards’, Pearson shows off her range with a slick sense of cohesion. A master of her craft, she shows that stripping back to basics with a simplistic accompaniment can be every bit as effective as a fully formed pop track.”

– 10/10 GIGWISE –

“Pearson has an outlook that balances British eccentricity and American confidence, a voice that finds the spot between earthy and ethereal, and a sound that blends country with folk, indie and art-pop.” – ★★★★ The Times –

Over the course of the 26-year-old’s vocals have traversed everything from lilting Americana to tripping pop melodies to heartfelt, storytelling folk – and captivated.”
– ★★★★ The Guardian –

“Pearson’s gift for translating trauma into fine pop – the shimmering throb of ‘Talk Over Town’ making something anthemic of her disillusionment, ‘Alligtaor’ expressing her anxiety via medium of jagged post-punk – is a joy, as is her unflagging dry wit.” – ★★★★ MOJO –

“Sound of the Morning is filled with delightful instrumental details, from the title track’s opening rumble that suggests distant storm clouds, to the chromatic bassline on Alligator, to Black Midi’s Morgan Simpson’s stand-out drumming on Storm to Pass. Pinning it all together, as always, are Pearson’s birdsong-adjacent vocals.” – ★★★★ The Skinny –

“Timeless and familiar…The West Country star tackles tough conversations with toe-tapping tunes.” – ★★★★ NME Magazine –

“Katy’s songwriting takes the listener on a luscious journey.” – ★★★★ DIY Magazine –

“Sound Of The Morning displays an irrepressible knack for songwriting.” – ★★★★ Record Collector –

“A masterclass in fusing tones while implementing truly unique character.” – ★★★★ Dork Magazine –

Katy recently played at this year’s Glastonbury, Latitude and Bluedot festivals and next month she plays the main stage at Green Man Festival.

Katy heads out on a September headline tour in September, playing her biggest show to date at London’s Electric Ballroom.