Mattiel have just shared an incredible video for their cover of Beastie Boys classic ‘Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun‘, (taken from their second album, Paul’s Boutique released in 1989.) This track is from their most recent release ‘Double Cover’ which also features a version of the Clash’s ‘Guns Of Brixton’.

On the video, directed by Mattiel, she said:

“In the video for “Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun”, we hoped to capture the energy of the song in our own way. The circular shots are a bit of a nod to the Beastie’s love for using a fisheye lens in so many of their videos. A sense of ‘dark psychedelia’ also comes through in the distorted, stretchy elements. For the shots of Jonah, we used this old broadcast camera (lent to us by Zach Pyles – Thank you Zach!). So those parts were recorded onto a VHS tape and played back on a monitor and digitised. All the digital
parts were done on my Canon 5D Mk II, so the whole thing was a pretty barebones setup without any fancy equipment. We shot this during a pandemic, and we’re all still waist deep in global crisis – so I feel grateful that we were able to get good results during a time where video production can be especially challenging.”

photo by Jason Kofke