“Imagine the country far less divided, most of the time we stayed indoors and nobody minded….I saw the doctor yesterday he said that everything’s ok..”

Raf Rundell has today announced details of the release of Luxury the latest track from his recent second album O.M. Days, which was released on Heavenly Recordings in April.

Featuring Man & The Echo, the eerily prescient track was written well before the global pandemic and is accompanied by a video by legendary artist and general all round good egg Pete Fowler and animator Luke Ramsay. Talking about the video Pete said:

What a lovely thing to be asked to make some visuals for Raf Daddeh’s new video.

“The deal was to almost recreate the iconic Dylan video shot in the back streets of New York but through an illustrated disco filter. I wanted to bring the mirror ball love and glitz to the grimy back streets. Like lifting up a rock and getting an eye full of sparkles and colour. Had to illustrate Raf in there with his Non Violent Magical Weapon™, controlling the vibes from the corner. Also, as I always have an eye for the details, I had to have a pallet of Dawson ‘Cement’ sacks in there as well. More power to the subversive druids!”

Watch ‘Luxury (ft. Man & The Echo) here:

O.M. Days is a modern day incantation exploring that magical cross-section between art and nature invoking the giant of Dawson’s Hill, a Green Man spirit inextricably linked to Raf’s locale in South London, themes Raf has begun to explore reconnecting with the ancient and re-emphasising the value of the world beneath our feet with a series of walks.

Having already wandered the streets of London mapping out the shape of Dawson’s head on the recent Spring equinox with collaborator and fellow traveller Ben Edge, Raf has further plans for a cricket related walk in London with Felix White of The Maccabees and an occult London one with author Tree Carr.

Details of the forthcoming walks can be found here

Additionally, having concocted a rite which first took place on the first full moon after last year’s summer solstice, a second O.M. Days full-moon ritual takes place at a secret location in Kent on June 24th – details and directions can be obtained by DM-ing Raf on his Instagram.

Finally, Raf has also announced a handful of live dates and DJ slots, including The Raf Rundell Revue Show at The Social in London on 23rd July and will include a live performance featuring a number of guests and Raw Silk DJs.

Tickets for the Social show are available HERE