Get your best Northern Soul moves ready… The Orielles do the Shuffle in their new video for ‘Blue Suitcase (Disco Wrist).’

The video follows the release of the bands debut record ‘Silver Dollar Moment’ which came out last month.

Critical acclaim for ‘Silver Dollar Moment’:

“Mostly, though, this album is a masterclass in how to produce guitar music that feels specific, strange, and superior to much of what’s come before.”

— The Guardian —


 What makes debut Silver Dollar Moment such a satisfying listen isnt just the gusto with which they make it their own, its how the record bubble with ideas. Songs shift speed and change tack as they continually look for unexpected corners to explore. Bongos, flute solos, dense walls of harmonies and disco slow-jams all appear in the spaces between single Esmé Dee Hand-Halford airy vocals and Henry Carlyle Wades liquid guitars

— Q Magazine —


 A special collection of tracks that effortlessly fizz through genres and eras with an irresistible charm. Its a simply joyous statement of intent.

— Dork Magazine —


 “Silver Dollar Moment’s vibrancy is at odds with the current mood of the world, but it’s also a vital indication of where we’re at now in terms of indie music’s trajectory. It shakes off any negative connotations of modern indie, particularly in the ‘landfill’ sense of the word, and reclaims it.” 

— The Quietus —


Having recently played a run of sold out UK dates in celebration of the record release, the band head to Europe next month before returning to the UK for their biggest show to date.

Plus, these three are playing their fair share of the finest festivals this summer too.

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