The Emmy-winning spy show Killing Eve has concluded its third season, which, just like both seasons before, featured an abundance of Unloved tracks including new singles ‘Strange Effect’ and ‘Why Not.’

The latter first appears against a backdrop of horror in the first episode of Killing Eve’s third season, when a young Dascha (the woman who trained Villanelle) commits her first kill.

The brand new video for ‘Why Not’ was directed by Julian House, who has worked with the band since their inception to craft the iconic, visual world of Unloved. “It’s a world of 60s teen heartbreak, biker gangs, strange underground movies, pulp romance and haunted house mysteries,” House explains.

“Previous videos have been short psychodramas of found footage with Jade [Vincent of Unloved]’s ghostly appearance looking in on the story unfolding. In this video, Jade is centre stage. The idea was to create the world around her of a 1960s TV Pop special. The bizarre occult graphics and exotic studio extras hint at a dark, strange story behind the lyrics.”


‘Strange Effect’ is a re-work of the Kinks’ classic song, which soundtracks Villanelle and Eve’s first kiss in episode 3 and has been a massive hit with fans.“‘Strange Effect’ was the first track we created with Killing Eve in mind,” says Unloved’s David Holmes, who serves as music supervisor for the show. “I’d had the original Kinks version for years and had the notion of recording it with a female singer (Raven Violet) as the lyrics felt very apt for Killing Eve. It kinda sums up Villanelle & Eve’s relationship in one line: you’ve got a strange effect of me and I like it. We had to get Ray Davies/’ blessing which was terrifying, but he really liked what we did with it which was great to hear as he’s a childhood hero of mine.”

A special 7” of both tracks will be released as part of Love Record Stores event this Saturday. The band are also doing a special performance within our Heavenly hour on the day too!

Details can be found here.

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Holmes and Ciancia’s music for the series won the BAFTA for ‘Best Original music’ in 2019 and has been nominated for the same accolade at the 2020 awards.

The original soundtracks to Killing Eve seasons one and two are available now via Heavenly Recordings. New tracks from Unloved appear throughout season three, and a new Unloved album is currently in the works.