Night Beats have covered The Sonics’ 1966 garage rock classic Boom in full.

Treading that line between keeping the legacy of this classic album burning bright, while injecting their own brand of earth-quakin’ soul-shakin, maximum R&B, Night Beats, featuring Mike From Mystery Lights, Cole from Black Lips and Julien from Warbly Jets on this recording, have successfully drawn a fuzz and feedback coated line between themselves and this era-defining record.

Originally released only as a limited edition LP for Record Store Day, the album will finally be available for the streamers amongst you on Friday 21st of June.

As a teaser, the band are sharing the track ‘Shot Down’, which you can listen to below:

Plus, if you missed out on a copy of the LP, fear not, we’ve just added a handful of stock in our webshop.

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