“Good morning cold world, this is Revival Radio coming at you live with all killer and no filler, broadcasting live from the Bermuda Triangle…giving it to you just like you need, baby this DJ B EZ and I’m dropping another one with that hot funk for you right here on Revival Radio…”

Picture the scene. Three men – rapper BEZ, producer Jonah and vibes provider Raf are on a fishing trip in the Bermuda Triangle. They become shipwrecked and their SOS broadcast turns into something more like a pirate radio operation. Contained within their transmissions to the outside world are salty versions, unreleased freestyles and wide open seas of echoes. Maybe the heavy energy of the sound they’re creating will be enough to get their boat moving. Until then, they are outernationals, borderless in their pursuits. Tune in and become a castaway yourself.

Outernational is a 28 minute mixtape that’s equal parts Prince Paul and King Tubby; a royal smash up of loops, riffs, rhymes and riddims written by Revival Season and assembled by Raf Rundell (O.M. Days/The 2 Bears).


Speaking about the video which he created for ‘Outernational’, Swilley says:

“I pieced together archival footage from films based on the Bermuda Triangle. The kaleidoscopic editing throughout nudges you into a psychedelic take on odd encounters and story lines.”


Revival Season released their debut single, ‘Iron Warrior‘ in the summer of 2021. Like that track, everybody was recorded and produced by the Atlanta-based Swilley. Alongside the work with Night Beats, Mattiel and Curtis Harding (amongst others), he also makes music for his own production label, Sugar Records. Raf Rundell previously produced a set of dubs for Mattiel, released as the Georgia Gothic Dubs EP in Spring 2022.

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