Unloved today announce Killing Eve’r – “Ode to The Lovers”, a special vinyl release of Unloved tracks heard across all four seasons of Killing Eve. Featuring a die-cut sleeve and white / pink splatter wax, Killing Eve’r – “Ode To The Lovers” is available on 7th July.



This record opens with a sway. It’s the softest of entrances, with all the allure of the opening page of a well-thumbed book. This is music as enchantment, the lure of a pinpoint of amber light from a lit cigarette in a doorway at midnight. Come inside, it whispers. Take a seat at the bar, what are you drinking?

The opening song is called Strange Effect. Which it has, to say the least. It is a masterclass in hypnotic minimalism. Although crafted from few elements, each is an essential colour when painting the whole picture. A stabbed keyboard line sits behind the gentle, yet determined drum break. A synth line dissolves behind a beguiling voice (belonging to the none more perfectly named Raven Violet) that shimmies effortlessly across the whole thing. The cumulative effect is the singer as siren, looking back over her shoulder, willing you to follow her. And why would you not? This strange effect is utterly overwhelming.

Suitably mesmerised, you follow a strange, winding path through the heart of the record. A second voice (Jade Vincent, as cool as Lee Hazlewood, as cool as Grace Jones) guides you along a dubbed out high wire walk (Carnival) and leads you in time to a metronomic heartbeat that breaks into a sprint of chaotic, clattering percussive (Unloved Heart). It kicks up golden leaves along the sides of Parisian canals (Anything To Be Cool) and it lights up the nocturnal gloom of a fairground at the end of a season (Tales Of The Unexpected).

As the record closes, a simple incantation quickly warps into an intoxication. Words echo, seeping deeper inside. It won’t be long, it won’t be long. Hold on, hold on. Both Spector-ish and spectral, this ghostly lament could just as easily be a message of hope as an acceptance of the inevitable end.

This record is timeless and stateless. The sounds pressed into its grooves are points marked off along a musical ley line somewhere between Sunset Sound, the Brill Building, the Salut Les Copains studio and Tin Pan Alley. They are the soundtrack to happy hour at Twin Peaks’ One Eyed Jacks, to early doors at Happy Jax down on Crucifix Lane in the murk of pre-generation ’90s London or to after hours at the Peppermint Lounge go-go bar in NYC. They are the melodies written for twilight the world over.

Those sounds are created by Jade, along with Keefus Ciancia and David Holmes – collectively Unloved. Over the last decade, they have built this unique space and they occupy it completely. While there may be sparks and echoes from an alternate universe Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Fame (everything from Shadow Morton productions to Ghost Box’s alien electronics via the freeform psychedelics of The United States of America), the sound they make is theirs and theirs alone. It is a sound made for lovers, wherever they maybe.

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