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Jimi Goodwin

Jimi Goodwin

Formerly in Doves, Jimi Goodwin is now a solo artist on Heavenly. He released his debut solo record ‘Odludek’ in 2014.

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Odludek is the debut solo album by Jimi Goodwin. Co-produced by Jimi and Dan Austin (Doves, Pixies), it is set for release on Heavenly on 24th March 2014.

Having spent the last decade and a bit fronting now much-missed Manchester band Doves, Jimi Goodwin was a little touch nervous about making music under his own name. He needn’t have worried. Bouncing joyfully from genre to genre, Odludek has all the thrill and excitement of an artist’s debut record whilst also displaying the wealth of experience of someone who’s spent the last two decades making inspirational music. Impossible to pigeonhole, properly addictive and hook heavy, Odludek is the first great record of 2014.

Jimi Goodwin on Odludek: “I wanted to make this mad mixtape… the kind you’d pass back and forth with your mates; eclectic as fuck. That’s the way we’ve all discovered music over the years isn’t it? We join our own dots to make it all make sense. As I got into making the record, it felt like I was proving something to myself, making a point that I could do all this on my own. You know – I can play bass, I can play guitar, I can orchestrate. As the methods changed, the original concept stayed intact. It’s me, powering through ideas, kapow kapow, no pause for breath. It’s not trying to be wilfully eclectic; it’s just a reflection of how I schizophrenically devour music.”

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