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Ike Gray - Vocals / Guitar
Tom Rogers-Coltman - Guitar
Will McCrossan - Synth/Drum Machine/Backing Vox
Ronnie Longfellow - Bass
Emily Hubbard - Cornet / Backing Vox
Wilf Cartwright - Drums / Cello

Inspired by the storytelling theatrics of Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman and spellling, with twiddling guitars, drum-machines and vocal flights fluttering, their tender songcraft glistens with folkish charm and ambrosial melodia. 

 Core to maintaining their DIY ethos and playful nature, the band plan to release works in a range of mediums in their multidisciplinary approach, with paintings, set design, soundscapes, costumes, short films, masks, animation, puppetry and theatrical plays all set to come alongside. As with Act 1, this approach continues with the ‘Gymnopédie’, video which has been  self-shot, self-directed and self-produced by the band via their art collective ‘My Life is Big’ and again vocalist Ike Gray has provided the hand-painted artwork for the EP.


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Set in a fictional universe of green hills, choppy seas and red creatures, Act 2 (Their God) continues where Act 1 (The Pilgrim) left off charting the adventure into this mysterious land, as Tapir! tell the story of the Pilgrim, a creature embarking to unearth the land’s history, meeting all sorts of strange characters along the way.

Recorded and produced by Joe Futák and featuring backing vocals and violin from Christie Gardner and Helen Dixon of London-based duo Lilo, ‘Gymnopédieis from the Act 2 (Their God)  EP, the second part of their forthcoming debut multidisciplinary narrative album which will be released over time as  3 episodic EPs, which they’ll then compile into the complete album in early 2024.