For their latest single, ‘Number in my Phone’ Unloved invited fans to help them create an emotive video built on memories and departed loved one’s. The result is a unique, moving video that embodies the beauty found in the track and connects with each of us who have lost a loved one, but are still bound together with them via technology and messages on our phones.

Lead vocalist of Unloved, Jade Vincent says:

“Number in my phone’ was written from a moment of missing my mother so much after she left this world. That moment when it dawns on you that you still have their number in your phone, even a voice mail, even as it pains you to see it, hear it, it feels too good to have, impossible to let go. So you listen. And maybe never delete the number. This is how it is for me, and maybe for you. The voice you hear at the end of ‘Number in my phone’ is my Mama.

We invited our fans to share clips and voice recordings to honour the people we love and miss through a music video dedicated to them.


Jade adds..

”Special thanks …..ever so much, to everyone who shared their beautiful memories with us. I don’t know what to say. How do you say thank you for something so — so intimate and delicate as this? It felt truly special to share your world with ours. My heart is full, our hearts are full of deep gratitude and love for letting us in to your world to create this ode of Love. I know that you know. Love knows no bounds.” x

David Holmes says about the track:

“One day I was searching for a number in my ‘phone and Andrew Weatherall’s number caught my attention – it immediately dawned on me that I still had the numbers of all my nearest and dearest – my parents, sister & brother who had passed away, in my ‘phone. The line “ever since you passed on I’ve still got your number in my ‘phone“ was quickly noted and when Jade, Keefus, Raven, Kat and I went to Provence to finish the writing of the pink album – this line was passed onto Jade who turned it into gold recounting her own experience after losing her own mother. The early music sketch started in my studio with Keefus working his usual magic – we were listening to The Ron Grainer Orchestra’s classic “Theme To The Tales of The Unexpected “. I’ve still got all their numbers in my ‘phone.”

‘The Pink Album’ is out now and available on vinyl as a double LP & CD with artwork by Julian House.



A Julian House x Unloved exhibition is currently in the upstairs bar at The Social, 5 Little Portland Street, W1 and free to view. Exhibition info here.